Monday, 23 April 2012

In moments like this ^_^

I'm back writing.. Hehe

I had awesome journey during our klays church went to Malacca and Seremban. We started our journey on the Sabbath morning to go to Malacca town to meet and have devotion with the church member at there. Well, it was lack of energy for some of the drivers including me because on the Sabbath night we went to KL to rent 3 cars. We were 30 people with 6 cars. It was raining during the Sabbath morning, well its not too heavy rain so I consider that was bless for the trip. Haha.. Eventhough tired sitting in the car about 2 hours, they all give smile when arrive at the Malacca Church. Want prove see yourself.. LOL

Praise the Lord, we able to give special song during the devotion lead by Hezron. I forget the title of the songs. We give 2 special songs the first one was Malay and the second was English..Here are the faces for the choir..Honestly I did'nt remember at all the lyric including Jonrel the guy beside me.. Hahaha

After all the devotion and of course our special songs, then we served with special lunch by the Malacca Church member. God Bless 'em all..Finish ate, we continue our journey go to the old house to entertain them hoping to make them feel they are not lonely with God songs. Honestly I'm very sleepy during this time. Just imagine 1 hour sleep and then driving 2 hours, continue with devotion and then go to old house..Thank God He give me the energy to still participating in this amazing event and not sleep in the car. ^_^

^_^ We had joyful moments. Then we went to hotel check in and had only 15 minutes to rest. It was about 6.30 p.m and we planned to go to A-Famosa to have short worship to close the holy Sabath day.. After that we are FREE to see the Malacca town, but unfortunately most of us were very tired, for the boys that roomate with me during that time at the hotel, we all stay and guess what? playing League PES! Hahaha..thnx to Andy because he bring his laptop. At last the final part. On the next day, Sunday, we went to Seremban to participate futsal tournament. Eventhough its very hot, our team manage to get no. 3 unfortunately thats only for the girl team. ^_^

Thnx for reading.. ^_^ God Bless You..

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