Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11/2011 lovely date for you? Remember,for some its Not.

This is second eartquake in Turkey 5.7 magnitud after 7.2 on October that had killed more than 600 hundred people.

Rescue workers in Turkey have found the body of another earthquake victim, increasing the death toll to at least 13, including a Japanese aid worker who had arrived in the aftermath of another devastating earthquake last month.
Aksit Dayi, a senior disaster management official, said the body of a middle-aged man had been recovered under one of the two collapsed hotels, Bayram hotel, in the eastern city of Van. The man was believed to be inside the office of an intercity bus company underneath the hotel.
"We are not able to hear any voice" of a survivor, said Dayi. "But still we are removing layers of concrete in a way as if there are survivors. We are working on the third floor now."
Relatives of missing people huddled around campfires near the wreckage of the five-story Bayram hotel as they waited for news of their loved ones throughout the night despite bitter cold as aid workers from nearby cities provided hot drinks.
The Japanese aid worker Atsushi Miyazaki, who came to Turkey in the aftermath of last month's earthquake to assess damage and distribute relief supplies to survivors, died in a hospital soon after he was pulled out injured from the rubble of the Bayram hotel on Thursday.
Miyazaki's 32-year-old colleague, Miyuki Konnai, was rescued alive from the wreckage of the same hotel late on Wednesday. She was in a stable condition and was transferred to the Turkish capital of Ankara for treatment for bruises as well as a prolonged flu.
"There is nothing to be scared of," said Murat Bozkurt, head physician of the Ataturk Training and Research hospital. "Her condition is quite well."

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