Friday, 11 November 2011

Raped by boys!

A 7-year-old girl, the victim of a brutal sex attack allegedly by boys not much older than her, spoke to Elizabeth Zachariah, Muzliza Mustafa and Looi Sue-Chern about her ordeal.

She is just 7-year-old but is living a nightmare which would probably traumatise her for life.
Standing slightly above a metre tall and sporting shoulder-length hair, Ani (not her real name) has become the talk of her village in Kulim, Kedah, ever since her ordeal became public recently.

 She is the girl who was allegedly gang-raped and sodomised by four boys between the ages of 10 and 13. They were no strangers to her. They were family friends and three of them were her schoolmates.
On Oct 8, she was, as usual, at the playground when the four boys came and asked her to follow them to the hut.
 Her friend decided to go home and join them later but never showed up.

 "I just followed them as they were my friends," Ani said.

  When they arrived at the dark and deserted place, one of the boys allegedly showed her a video clip on his handphone, which turned out to be pornography.

 "He told me that it was a game that we were going to play," she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

 "I didn't know what game they were talking about. I didn't know they were going to follow what was in that clip."

 She did not protest when the boys pushed her down, took off her clothes and took turns raping her.

 When asked if it was painful, Ani said that only one of the boys was rough with her.

 "That was painful for me and I started to cry. They warned me not to tell anyone what they did to me," she said, adding that after the ordeal, she got dressed, got on her bicycle and followed the boys back to their village.

 She returned home after Maghrib prayers and was punished by her father for being late.

 "I could not tell them what happened for fear of getting more punishment," Ani said, as she clung to her mother.

 "I was afraid. The boys warned me not to breathe a word to anyone."

 Ani's story, however, broke when a teacher caught whiff of a rumour in school about the alleged sex attack as  the boys had apparently bragged about their conquest to their friends.

 The school principal called Ani's father, who immediately lodged a police report. The four young suspects were arrested and remanded.

 Meanwhile, Ani spent sleepless nights at the hospital, going through a series of medical examinations. She sat her year-end examination in the hospital and would not let her mother leave her side.

 While in the hospital, Ani attended two counselling sessions with a psychiatrist and is expected to have more sessions soon.

 She said she does not want to go back to school if the suspects were still there but is open to the idea of switching schools.

Original From New Straits Times

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