Saturday, 12 November 2011

Are your shoes killing you?

Dr George Lebeau has tips for you....

 The process I want you to follow
1. Bring a small ruler or long pencil with you to the shoe store.

2. Once you have the shoes side-by-side, place the pencil across the top of the shoes and see if there is a downward tilt on one side. If it does, that means one shoe is lower than the other and not a good pair.

3. Place the pencil at a right angle to the counter along the back of the shoe. With the pencil straight, look to see if the shoe is tilted to one side or the other. If there is a tilt the shoe is crooked and not good.

4. Look at the shoes from the top and see if they are the same length.
5. If one is longer than the other, these are two different shoes!

Two more things before I finish:
First, the price of the shoes has nothing to do with the quality of the construction. I was at a high end shoe store and saw running shoes that were badly tilted and crooked. The price was RM1,500. I have also found very well made running shoes at the discount outlet stores for RM50.

Women will always ask me if there are problems with dress shoes or high-heels.

 I am happy to tell you that in well over 90 per cent of cases there are no problems at all with this type of shoe because there is actually more quality control associated with dress shoes.

Dr Lebeau is an associate professor, chiropractor at International Medical University

Original From New Straits Times

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