Saturday, 12 November 2011

Negative impact of slaping kids..

I like to write regarding the effect of slapping children's faces either our children orstudents. We may think slapping is not serious action and not a big issue, but our own ever slapped at one time.

But know that the act could slap a serious injury, especially to children. From the medical point, we know the child has still to grow in organs undergoing the process of growth. The organ is also fragile, easily injured, and potential problems long-term negative effects. Organs of the face such as eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, neck and spinal cord, the brain is a potentially vital organs were injured when part of the face and head are made points of the shot or blow. If we read about the face and head injuries, especially to children who are abused, we found that most injuries were caused by strike action or punched in the face.

The person may wear a ring or slap bracelets and effects caused by this hand of course more serious. When doing a blow especially in uncontrolled emotional state, we can not control and to determine accurately the affected facial blow.

This causes the slap of the face can sometimes be affected by the neck, eyes and ears. A strong blow to the head can injure the neck bones and spinal cord as a sudden shift and quickly head.

Rapid displacement of the head can also shake the brain and this can break blood vessels, tearing the lining of the brain and brain bleeding. At the same time if his head hit the wall hard thing due to the momentum of the movement of the head when slapped, injuries can be serious and may be life threatening.

If the blow right on the earpiece and the ear hole closed, then the strong pressure in the cavity will be channeled into the ear and reach the eardrum, the eardrum may rupture and this will cause permanent hearing loss if it is serious and not treated quickly.

In fact, many physical effects such as bruising due to blow, burst lips, teeth broken and others. What is important is not the act of slapping to be taken lightly especially if it is used as a means 
to punish.

In addition to physical effects experienced by children or students who slapped, the psychological impact is one of the consequences of not less serious.

Bash said to be a method that can be a more degrading, especially if it is done in front of audiences. I call on all parties to refrain from using the interface as a means of punishing blow.

In conclusion, when we judge, especially on their children or students, seized with a fit and wise methods with the aim of educating and loving so that it can be a useful teaching and aims to make them a better person in the future.

Original From Berita Harian

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